About Lucy’s Project

Lucy’s Project is a harm prevention charity that is focussed on addressing domestic and family violence (DFV) in Australia. We seek to facilitate women and children’s safety by reducing barriers to support and creating collaborative practices between human and animal services. Our work is in what we call the three A’s:

  • Advocacy – amplifying the voices of people experiencing DFV where an animal is involved in the nexus of abuse.
  • Awareness – Improving knowledge of animal abuse as a risk factor for human safety within the DFV sector, animal service sector, government, and among the general public to increase focus and provisions for establishing pathways to safety for victim-survivors with animals.
  • Action – maintaining a network of support through working directly with organisations to upskill, build capacity, and provide resources to remove systemic roadblocks to safety. This includes concurrent crises safety planning – where DFV occurs during a natural disaster/pandemic/other social disruption and an animal is present.


Lucy’s Project is based in Lismore, New South Wales, and run by a team of volunteers. This includes our experienced board members who have expertise in animal abuse in the context of DFV.

Lucy’s Project recognises that animal abuse in domestic and family violence situations is common, traumatising, and a risk factor for the most severe kinds of abuse. It is also a crime in and of itself. Including animals in our domestic and family violence conversations and practice saves human and nonhuman lives.

We advocate for human and animal victim-survivors because we know that when an animal is at risk of abuse, there is a human at risk of abuse.

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